Sunglasses For Males And Women

Sunglasses For Males And Women

As with any personal accessory, there is a proper way and a fallacious way to wear sunglasses. Either they will protect you and make you look suave and charming, or they're going to protect you (hopefully) and make you look like a first class imbecile. Sadly, there often isn't any in-between.

When it comes to purchasing sunglasses, most of us have a hard time picking something stylish, and eventually leave the store empty handed and frustrated. That is why determining the form of your face in advance is vital because it will aid you discover the right pair of frames to suit your face shape.

To seek out out in case your face is rectangular, square, oval, spherical or heart formed; take a picture of yourself looking straight at the camera and then draw along the perimeters of your face. A neater way to do this is to stand in entrance of a mirror and utilizing an erasable marker and even lipstick, whichever you discover first, draw alongside the edges of your face. This sounds bizarre, I know, but it works. Once you've got figured out your shape, picking out the perfect pair of sunglasses shall be a breeze.

Find your face form and the sunglasses that will suit you with this guide.

Oval face: Soft angles that taper slightly from the forehead to the chin, usually with prominent cheekbones. Oval faces are the lucky few who look good in any frame!

Frames: Wear sunglasses that cover you from the eyebrows to the cheekbones and avoid giant frames.

Square face: Forehead, cheekbones and jawline of roughly the identical width.

Frames: Round or oval frames, similar to aviator or butterfly shapes, will help to soften the sharp edges.

Spherical face: The face with the identical width and length with full cheeks and less defined angles.

Frames: Wear sharp and angular lines to help elongate the face and make it seem thinner and sharper. Rectangle, sq., wrap and shield shapes are good for spherical faces.

Heart face: A face that distinctively tapers from the temples to the chin.

Frames: Extensive lower edges shift attention downwards, thus elongating the face. Try round shapes like cat-eye, butterfly or aviators.

Rectangular face: A protracted and narrow face with few angles.

Frames: Large, rectangular and thick frames to add width, whilst sharp angles and bold lines will sharpen the soft features.

Once you figured out your face form and the frames that may suit you, go crazy! There's an enormous array of colors, styles and sizes to select from when it comes to sunglasses and discovering the perfect pair means you've a fantastic accessory for life.

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